-Excerpt from At the Cabin.

It may be hard for us to imagine, but there are city kids who have never been into the country, let alone seen forests and lakes. Join one such kid in At the Cabin—In the Woods By the Lake Up North as he goes on his trip with his parents to a rustic cabin in the woods. He really doesn’t want to go—his parents rustic cabin has none of the stuff he has at home—“my phone, my movies, my computer games.” The cabin has no kitchen, just a wood stove, no bathroom, no bedroom. Our young camper does like the fact he doesn’t have to take a bath and he doesn’t have to make his bed because they sleep on the floor in sleeping bags. But he soon catches on that this is a marvelous place and he is out chasing butterflies, following tracks, climbing rocks, collecting leaves Sensitive drawings capture the boy’s transformation as he discovers the secrets of the wild, and when the times comes, you know he doesn’t want to go home.  – Vermont Country Sampler, July 2017

Surrounded by mile-high

face-to-the-sky white pines,

I am certain I see ...


Spare, finely-crafted writing is complimented by richly detailed illustrations of a simple cabin and the natural world. The cabin setting could be any north woods location, and the child’s attitude

is equally universal.