Joe Liles (Children of the Seventh Fire) has this to say about Full Wolf Moon:
"I enjoyed it very much and think that a poetry book such as this would be very educational. It is apparent that Cheryl has done careful research on the different moons and the Ojibwe stories associated with them, and I commend her for this work.  I find Cheryl's manuscript to be delightful."

Two Harbors Public Library
"The haiku poems for each month are wonderful.  The combination of art work, child's-eye thoughts, and little morsels of poetry work really well together.  And the historic portrayal of Anishinabe life seems respectfully done.  I like having the invitation to make one's own names for moons."

Full Wolf Moon is Cheryl's picture book debut. Her unique pairing of narrative prose with haiku poetry tells the story of Native American tradition through the eyes of a child. 

-Excerpt from Full Wolf Moon.

Beyond sapphire drifts,

a wolf's howls shatter midnight,

hungry for moonlight.